Margot Robbie grew up feeling very unattractive.

The 'Focus' star - who is rumoured to be dating Alexander Skarsgard - insists she is surprised to be labeled as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women because of her teenage experiences.

She said: ''I take it as a huge compliment, but I grew up feeling very unattractive. As a teenager, I was gangly and had braces and glasses. I was lucky that I had a pretty glamorous role in 'The Wolf of Wall Street,' and that was how most people saw me for the first time.''

But the 24-year-old beauty is eager to prove there is more to her than just good looks.

She told America's OK! magazine: ''I won't take parts where the female character has no substance. Even Naomi [in 'Wolf of Wall Street'], there was a lot more to her than appeared in the script when I first read it, and Marty [Scorsese] and Leo [DiCaprio] were very supportive of making her as strong as possible.''

Margot plays a pickpocket in her upcoming film alongside Will Smith and admits she became too good at stealing on set.

She said: ''I got to be pretty good at stealing a watch while someone's wearing it - so good that I was told to slow down my 'steals' because the cameras couldn't keep up. I don't know if that's a talent you should be proud of!''