Margot Robbie finds it ''bittersweet'' being away from home.

The 27-year-old actress hails from Australia, and has said it can be difficult spending so much time in Hollywood as she ''misses'' her family, but believes the long distance between her work and her home means she can make sure to separate the two parts of her life.

She said: ''It's bittersweet living outside of Australia, because I miss everyone so much, but the fact that they are so removed from it helps me keep my life and my work separate - even though they are intrinsically linked, because all I want to do is work all the time.''

The blonde beauty believes she handles fame well, but says she would have found it ''incredibly difficult'' to cope if she had shot to fame like figure skater Tonya Harding - whom she plays in new movie 'I, Tonya' - who didn't have a ''support network'' to help guide her.

Margot added: ''But becoming famous at [Tonya's] age without a support network around her, and without a clear distinction, I think would have been incredibly difficult.''

The 'Suicide Squad' actress made the comments in an interview for Variety magazine alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays author Jeff Bauman - who lost his legs in the tragic Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 - in the biopic 'Stronger'.

And the 36-year-old actor admits he learned similar things about fame from speaking to Jeff.

He told Margot in the publication: ''I think that's true. I learned from Jeff that he didn't ask for those things - he didn't ask for the attention and to become that thing, but he has slowly evolved into being able to hold that idea for people.''