Margot Robbie is an expert in saving money.

The 27-year-old actress produced her latest movie 'I, Tonya' and admitted her thrifty ways when she first moved from Australia to Clapham, south London, and shared a three-bedroom apartment with six other people came in very handy.

In an interview with Stylist Magazine, she said: ''I can be so f**king thrifty. Saving money is my area of expertise.

''It's a good skill to have for reallocating funds in a film budget. Any room [in that flat] that wasn't already a bedroom would become one.

''So we didn't have any living rooms, just bedrooms. It was all very close-quarters.''

Margot also admitted it was ''ridiculous'' trying to keep her relationship with her now-husband Tom Ackerley - who she married in 2016 after meeting on the set of 'Suite Francaise' - a secret from their friends, but they had ''fun'' trying to keep things quiet.

She said: ''Yeah, it was ridiculous for a time. But very fun. We got together young and we're married now, so it's great to have all those stories.''

When the pair finally came clean about their romance, the rest of their buddies were concerned it would impact on the dynamic of their friendship group, with Margot comparing the situation to old pals-turned-lovers Monica and Chandler in popular sitcom 'Friends'.

She said: ''It was [a bombshell]. It was a crazy time in our past. In 'Friends' when Monica and Chandler get together and the rest of them worry that it's going to mess with the group - that was everyone's biggest concern.

''We were such a tight-knit, weird family. We do everything together, even now.''

Now the couple have moved to America, Margot said that she does miss London life but is hoping to open an Australian pub in LA.

Margot said: ''I loved London so much; riding the Tube. Also because the paparazzi can't follow you.

''I miss walking down the road to go to the pub - we've talked a lot about opening an Aussie pub in LA.

''Being in the world and getting to watch people interact, it's helpful as an actor being able to do that rather than being locked in a car.

''It's hard to get perspective in LA.''