Actress Margot Robbie crashed a car into a cameraman as she took part in hit British motoring show Top Gear but was left shrieking with delight when she beat fellow star Will Smith by one-tenth of a second.

The Wolf of Wall Street star and the Men in Black actor are currently promoting their new film Focus and they appeared together on the Tv show on Sunday (15Feb15) to go up against each other on a race track.

Robbie's attempt started disastrously when the car spun out at high speed on a corner and ploughed into a cameraman shooting her drive, but she was left victorious after outdoing her male co-star's lap time by a hair's breadth.

After watching footage of her dramatic crash, she told host Jeremy Clarkson, "I am so sorry about that! I broke something. I'm so sorry."

Robbie was allowed to re-start her lap and crossed the finish line in one minute, 47.1 seconds - and she shrieked and cursed with disbelief when Clarkson then revealed Smith had completed his lap in one minute, 47.2 seconds.

Applauding her triumph, Smith said, "It's like the Academy Awards where you have to clap for the other person... One of us has something to be ashamed about!"

Despite her hair-raising crash, a jubilant Robbie admitted she had loved every minute of her track tryout, adding, "It was really nerve-wracking but it was really fun."