Margot Robbie believes love is ''awfully painful''.

The 26-year-old Australian actress - who is currently dating British boyfriend Tom Ackerley with who she has been in a relationship with for three years - has admitted she has been in love, but found the experience ''terrifying'' and upsetting.

Speaking about her love life in a clip posted on Calvin Klein's Instagram account, Margot - who stars in the luxury brand's Autumn Winter 2016 campaign alongside Bella Hadid, which was photographed by Tyron Lebon - said: ''Yes. It was awfully painful. Terrifying.''

And 'The Wolf of Wall Street' star - who played the role of Leonardo Di Caprio (who plays Jordan Belfort) on-screen second wife Naomi Lapaglia - has admitted she doesn't feel sexy in her body but some of the characters she is cast as makes her feel better about herself.

She explained: ''No [I don't feel sexy], not when I'm being me. I've played characters where I feel sexy.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty has revealed she would love to move back to her home town in Queensland, Australia, if she was to have a family instead of bringing her brood up in Los Angeles, America, where she lives now.

Speaking previously about her future plans, she said: ''Yes, the kids will be in Australia.''

And Margot's temporary residence in the USA came to a shock to her family.

Speaking about her daughter's new home, her mother Sarie Kessler said: ''I didn't know you were going to live overseas all the time ... Margot will have children one day and they'll be who knows where.

''You'll come back home, won't you? You'll come back to live in Oz?''

And Tom has hinted he would be happy to relocate if necessary in the future.

Margot said: ''He [Tom] loves Australia. He's like, 'I don't know why anyone leaves Australia!'''