Actress Margot Kidder opted against rehearsing her lines for TV show SMALLVILLE in public - because she feared onlookers would assume she was having another nervous breakdown.

In 1996, Kidder was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles homeless and toothless, claiming the CIA and an ex-husband were out to harm her.

And Kidder was wary about how she was perceived in public while shooting her scenes in Canada, this month (SEP04).

She says, "I was walking around Vancouver trying to learn lines, (talking about) black kryptonite. And, with my history, it's not a particular wise move to be muttering around on the sidewalk."

In the show, Kidder - who played Lois Lane in the Superman films of the 1970s and 1980s - appears as an "emissary" to her old Superman co-star Christopher Reeve's DR SWANN character.

She hopes she'll one day be reunited onscreen with Reeve, adding, "Christopher and I had this hilarious relationship; it really was sibling rivalry. To have Christopher boss me around again - it would be just like the old days."

23/09/2004 09:22