Unknown American actress Margo Stiller has hit back at criticism of her new movie NINE SONGS - dubbed the most sexually explicit mainstream film ever.

The movie, made by British director Michael Winterbottom, has caused shockwaves at the Cannes Film Festival because it features several scenes of uncensored real sex.

But 21-year-old Stiller - who has no acting experience and has until now remained anonymous - insists the film is simply about "normal sex".

She says, "I have managed to get myself into a mess. I'm surprised, and even more by the fact that I've brought most of it on myself.

"It isn't shocking. If you know you are going to watch a film like this, it's not abrasive. It's normal sex that everyone has, not crazy stuff."

Winterbottom hopes Nine Songs will be granted an 18 certificate when it is submitted to the BRITISH BOARD OF FILM CLASSIFICATION - if successful it will become the most explicit film ever shown in mainstream British cinemas.

21/05/2004 09:20