Veteran actress Margo Martindale suffered a bruised ego when she returned home from this year's (11) Emmy Awards after discovering her gold statuette had broken in her luggage.
The star, 60, was named Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her performance on hit crime series Justified, but she was saddened to find the prize, featuring a figure holding up a ball, in two pieces after stuffing it into her suitcase to fly home from the Los Angeles ceremony.
She tells People magazine, "It broke! I didn't think they'd let me take it on the plane, so my husband, Bill, packed it in his luggage. When we got home, we realised the ball had broken off. There was a note that it had been inspected by airport security."
Martindale was simply going to superglue the trophy back together, but her daughter has convinced her to look into sending the award back to officials to be replaced.
She says, "They say they can't fix them, so I think we have to send it back and get a new one. I was just going to Gorilla Glue it together, but my daughter Maggie said no!"