Marcia Gay Harden has defended her decision to star in a new TV film based on the sensational Italian murder trial of American student AMANDA KNOX.
The dramatisation, titled Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy, features Heroes actress Hayden Panettiere as the college student convicted of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007. Knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison in 2009.
The movie, due to air on U.S. network Lifetime later this month (Feb11), has drawn criticism from both girls' parents, while Knox's mother and father have threatened legal action if the film is released.
But Harden, who portrays Knox's mother Edda Mellas, insists the film only states the facts - and she made sure to read through the judge's official report to fully understand the murder case.
Speaking on U.S. talk show The View on Wednesday (16Feb11), she says, "I feel respectful of how Lifetime has created a film that, I feel, shows both sides of the story. We're not saying we've got answers, we're showing facts as facts available for anyone... Whether she (Knox) did it or she didn't do it, that's not for me to say.
"I downloaded the judge's report, you know, 'Was this knife on the table...?' Every single minute detail, prosecutor's defence, judge's opinion... I looked at it and we have reasonable doubt in this country (America), and I looked at the role and thought, 'Mama found some reasonable doubt.'"
However, Harden refused to try and arrange a meeting to meet Knox's mother - because she didn't want to be swayed to act differently in the film.
She adds, "It would have felt quite inappropriate to meet her because we're telling the Lifetime story, not her story."
Panettiere previously spoke out in defence of the TV film, urging Knox's parents to watch it before passing judgement and insisting nothing in the movie will impact the family's appeal against the conviction.