Desperate Housewives finally wrapped up on Sunday evening (May 13, 2012), after eight years on the air. The two-hour finale entertained with humor and a touch of the usual attitude, though the majority of the characters were given a happy ending despite rumors of a divide on-set, reports the New York Daily News.
Bree, played by MARCIA CROSS, beat the murder case and married her lawyer, before moving to Kentucky and getting elected to the state legislature. Eva Longoria's character Gaby got promoted to the head of VIP sales, where she began her own show on the Home Shopping Network. She and her love Carlos moved to a mansion in California, though in typical fashion, the pair were seen bickering before the end of the show. Felicity Huffman's Lynette - a key character over the past eight years - got back together with husband Tom and took a job in New York. She became a Ceo and eventually coughed up for a flashy penthouse overlooking Central Park. Susan - played by Teri Hatcher - helped her daughter give birth and then moved away, selling her house to a woman named Jennifer who also seemed to be carrying a deep secret. In the final moments, the ghosts of Wisteria Lane lined up to say goodbye, though Nicollette Sheridan's character did not appear (she is getting set for her re-trial against the show and its creator Marc Cherry).
So, a happy ending for the girls of Wisteria Lane, though in real-life, things don't seem as rosy. A report from Celebuzz last week claimed that the main stars had given the production crew gifts for their hard-work on the show, but had omitted Teri Hatcher's name from the card. There have long been rumors of a rift between Hatcher and Longoria in particular, though it appears we may never know the truth.