Actress MARCIA CROSS read the first script for hit TV show Desperate Housewives and immediately yearned to play the show's narrator Mary Alice Young, not her character BREE VAN DE CAMP. The redhead star was in Utah working on US TV show EVERWOOD, when her agent and manager sent her a copy of the script to read. She explains, "They said, 'This is the hottest script; you've got to read it.' "Originally I wanted to be the narrator - which is an odd thing, I know, but it appealed to me. "When I auditioned though, (Desperate Housewives creator) MARC CHERRY said, 'No, no, no. I want you to read for Bree.' "I actually read cold for Bree right then, and they wanted to test me. In the end I actually didn't get the part right away. "They told me wonderful things, but offered it to someone else. That person - who shall remain nameless - turned it down."