Movie-maker Marc Lawrence is such a homebody he shot his new film MUSIC + LYRICS within a 10-block radius of his New York apartment. The Miss Congeniality director even turned the lobby of his building into that used by his star Hugh Grant, who plays a washed-up 1980s pop star in the film. Lawrence reveals, "I don't leave the Upper West Side (of Manhattan)... I try not to leave the apartment, generally. "One scene was shot in the lobby of my building. The doorman was an actor, not my real doorman, but I did give him the same name as my doorman, KAHN, and based the character on him." Lawrence is still waiting to hear if the real Kahn approves of the portrayal, and whether filming in his own building has landed him in trouble with his neighbours. He adds, "They had a building meeting recently... and I wasn't there because I was still finishing the movie. I know there was definitely some resentment towards me. "Some people liked us shooting there and some people didn't. But it was a great commute for me because I was on time to the set."