Marc Jacobs will only put his name on things he believes in.

The designer says he is happy to work on a number ventures but will only let them go on sale if he feels happy with the products and is confident of the quality of the creations.

He said: "If we didn't believe in what we did, then I would feel that we sold out. As long as we do things with integrity and believe in them and are passionate, I don't think we've sold out. Whether it's an $11 flip-flop or a $2 key ring or a $2,000 dress, they're all done with integrity. They're all done with a design sense. As long as the creativity exists, then I don't think it's a sell-out. A sell-out is putting your name on any piece of crap and then expecting people to buy it because it's got your name on it. That's what a sell-out is to me."

Marc also revealed his new collection for Louis Vuitton - which was inspired by the 50s and 60s - was a step forward for him because he was getting bored with his usual creations.

He told Interview magazine: "I think it was just the natural boredom of fashion. When you get tired of a certain thing, you move on to something else. In the case of Vuitton, we worked very closely with Katie Grand. It was part of the discussion from the very beginning that we were interested in a sexy, voluptuous woman. And we were thinking of an older idea of shape. Our criterion was that they have to be gorgeous. There has always been that kind of woman at Vuitton - with models like Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, and Nadja Auermann. She's always played a part."