Marc Jacobs says style is all about confidence.

The designer claims women shouldn't pay attention to what other people think and believes the key to looking good is simply wearing clothes you feel comfortable and confident in.

He advised: ''Get dressed for yourself and not for other people. You shouldn't care whether something looks good to everyone else. Be comfortable in your own skin and you'll look great!''

The fashion mogul - whose celebrity fans include everyone from Hilary Duff to Kirsten Dunst - admits he still feels nervous before he showcases his new collections at Fashion Week, in spite of having worked in the industry for three decades.

Asked whether he suffers from pre-show anxiety, he said: ''Sure! It's not knowing whether people will like it, the uncertainty that gets you. But they're excited nerves - like stage fright. When something sells well, or I see someone wear something I've made, I feel so proud.''

Marc also revealed he decided he was destined to become a designer from a very young age and says his grandmother was the biggest champion of his talents.

He explained to LOOK magazine: ''I decided at a young age. I was very close to my grandmother growing up - she was a very fashionable woman. She always believed in me and was very supportive.

''We'd be in the supermarket and she would tell the checkout girls, 'My grandson's going to be a great designer some day!' Being a designer is hard work. It's a lot of pressure, a lot of stress - its' not all fun and games.''