Marc Jacobs has unveiled his Diet Coke can designs.

The fashion designer - who was named the creative director for the soft drink for 2013 - has revealed three stylised cans which pay homage to fashion trends in three different eras, the '80s, '90s and '00s, to mark Diet Coke's 30 year anniversary in Europe.

The cans are each adorned with a different pattern and a model representative of the era. The '80s can features a flurry of bowties with a chic female figure wearing a tuxedo, while the '90s can is styled with pinks and purples as a fashionable woman poses in a bustier dress, stiletto heels and a trilby hat. Finally, the '00s can accentuates modern trends with a stylish female in monochrome stripes featured on a can that is patterned with red polka dots.

Marc - who also appears shirtless in the ad campaign - previously told WWD that the newly designed cans and bottles will be designed ''whimsical and feminine'', explaining: ''We wanted it to be colourful and fun.''

The newly designed Diet Coke cans will appear in stores in 11 European countries next month including the UK, France and Belgium.

As well as launching his Diet Coke design, the busy fashion designer closed New York Fashion Week last night (14.02.13) and earned particular praise for the '60s and '70s inspired make-up and Joan Jett-style wigs worn by the models.

Make-up artist Francois Nars said: ''We often reference that period, but we do it our own way - it's never a copy.

''Marc's girls always look decadent. They're the cool girls.''