Marc Jacobs has removed an offensive t-shirt from sale.

The 50-year-old designer was selling tops emblazoned with a shoe footprint for $70, but has since apologised and withdrawn the item from stores as the design bore a striking resemblance to neo-Nazi band Skrewdriver's 1987 LP 'Boots & Braces' album cover.

A spokesperson for the label told The Cut: ''It has been brought to our attention that the imagery on a t-shirt of ours is similar to that used by a band.

''We were not trying to make a connection to that band or make a statement of any kind.

''We have removed the stock of the shirt from our own stores and offer our retail partners the same opportunity.''

A number of other department stores which stock the clothing have also removed it, including popular department store Nordstom, but it is still available at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City.

Skrewdriver was a rock band formed by Ian Stuart Donaldson in 1976 which evolved into one of the first neo-Nazi rock bands with its second album, 'Hail the New Dawn'.

The album was released in 1984 and featured white nationalist themes in its lyrical content.