Marc Jacobs loves the freedom he has at Louis Vuitton.

The designer presented his latest spring/summer collection at Paris Fashion Week yesterday (05.10.11) - with close pal Kate Moss taking to the catwalk - and although it has been claimed he will take over from John Galliano at Christian Dior, Marc has no plans to leave.

He told the "I could never do this anywhere else. It's not just a Paris thing - Vuitton allows me. It's really, really something I feel particularly proud of and am grateful to the team for. We've all worked really hard and gone through a lot to get this to where it is now and we're starting to see results."

Kate wowed fashionistas in a stunning white dress and Marc revealed the model begged to be in yesterday's show.

He said: "She asked to be in the show and she's a very dear friend so...happy to oblige."

Marc is hugely proud of the quality of the pieces his team produces at Louis Vuitton although he claims to have no idea how much they cost.

He said: "I never know. I just make it to the best of our ability. I'm so proud of the teams we've got here. When I arrived at Vuitton 14 years ago there was no ready-to-wear studio. We built it from scratch. I couldn't do any of this without them".