Marc Jacobs paid tribute to Kate Moss at the 2013 British Fashion Awards last night (02.12.13).

The American fashion designer presented the 39-year-old supermodel with the prestigious Special Recognition Award - which celebrated her illustrious modelling career - at the awards ceremony in London and heralded her as an ''inspiration'' to designers and stylists.

He said in his speech: ''About two and half decades ago I was mesmerised by a Corinne Day photograph of the most uniquely beautiful and imperfectly perfect girl I had ever seen. Shortly afterwards, Kate and I worked together for the first time. It was my grunge collection and while that show marked the end of my Perry Ellis career it began what is one of my most cherished and special friendships.

''Fast forward. Kate today, the legendary Kate is not only a fashion icon, she embodies the spirit of London. She is a woman of incomparable style. She is bold, sharp, dynamic and fearless. Her character, beauty and distinct individuality is a constant inspiration to every stylist, editor, photographer and designer who has had the great privilege to work with her.

''Kate has always defied convention and stands alone - she really is the rarest of jewels. So while England might have two Kates, in my heart there is only one.''

Meanwhile, Kate, who is notorious for being a woman of few words, kept her acceptance speech brief as she came on stage to accept the prize.

She is quoted by the Daily Telegraph newspaper as saying: ''Oh my God, it's so weird. It's very, very surreal. Thank you everyone that I work with and who has kept booking me. I love working with you all.''