Marc Jacobs says fashion and politics don't mix.

The Louis Vuitton creative director believes designers should avoid making political statements through their clothing lines because it can cause controversy.

He told WWD: ''I guess with politics and fashion, you've always got to be a bit careful because somebody's going to get offended or somebody's going to feel it isn't right.

''I don't want to sound stupid or ignorant or anything, but I spend my time in the studio choosing fabric and colours and trying to figure out what we're going to make. If you want to avoid controversy, you just don't do [political] things like that.''

However, Marc has been vocal about his political opinions in the past and is no stranger to controversy. He created a T-shirt line in support of the Tibetan Freedom Coalition against Chinese occupation of Tibet, which caused havoc on Chinese social networking site Weibo when users threatened to boycott the designer.

He has also shown his support for gay rights and US President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.