Marc Jacobs got ''emotional'' producing his Louis Vuitton exhibition.

The Fashion designer's 15-year stint at the French Fashion house will be celebrated at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris for six months from March 9 and though he insists it wasn't ''nostalgic'' to look back, he got overwhelmed at times.

He said: ''I guess some places I got very emotional just thinking about what the circumstances were when we were doing some things, remembering certain anecdotes or stories, situations, and where we were.

''Whether it was at rue du Bac or whether we'd just moved to rue du Pont Neuf or what our team was like when we were five people as opposed to 50 people.

''So I guess I wouldn't say it was nostalgic, but I had some emotional moments looking at the content of the exhibition. But more than even emotions, it feels kind of joyous, we've done all that and then we're in the process of doing something new. It's not the end of anything.''

Marc was ''flattered'' to be the subject of the exhibition, but was initially reluctant as it is not something he is usually a fan of.

He told ''I always find it a bit difficult to deal with the idea of fashion and museums and I've said that before.

''And I think curators have a kind of cerebral, heady, comparative narrative thing going on. For me the reward of doing what we do is doing it, not when it's done. And when people wear it and love it and covet it or can't wait to have it, whatever it is. So I think my attitude towards the whole thing was that I was very flattered, but how do we make this experience of what fashion is all about - which is the joy.''