Marc Jacobs wants to make people happy with his creations.

The Louis Vuitton designer revealed his main aim when creating new collections is simply to have people enjoy them.

He told The Talks magazine: "[I want] to make nice things and to get them out there so people can enjoy them."

However, Marc admitted he has no idea what the key to happiness and says he is normally content with his life and tries not to get distracted by compliments and flattery.

He said: "I don't know what the key to happiness is. Happy is just a feeling like every other feeling. I certainly feel happy some days and in general I am pretty happy, but I have all the other feelings as well. So I don't know if there is a key. Maybe the Buddhists have it right where they just sort of respect all feelings and just go with the flow. And then I think you have no problems."

"I just do my job. I'm not really distracted by it. Nice things are very nice to hear and it is flattering when one is given some kind of recognition, but none of that distracts me from what my job is, what it has always been: to make things. And honestly, no matter how flattering or even un-flattering something is, it doesn't prevent me from getting up and going to work and doing what I love to do."