Marc Jacobs says he wasn't worried about stripping off for his latest fragrance campaign.

The fashion designer appears almost naked in the adverts for his new men's scent Bang - which he co-created with fragrance firm Coty and business partner Robert Duffy - but was always quietly confident the final results would look good.

He said: "Rob decided I was in pretty good shape and I ran with it. I wasn't nervous at all - I keep in shape and go the gym a lot anyway so no I didn't have to do much preparing. I've been working out forever. I take pride in grooming."

Marc - who launched his first menswear fragrance with an exclusive party in London last night (22.07.10) - recently revealed how he'd chosen the name Bang because the moniker had a "sexual connotation".

He said: "The name came to me first. We had been approached by Coty to do another men's scent - we did one many years ago - and I was in the gym, and the name Bang came to me.

"As a word, it has so many connotations, including a sexual connotation. And I loved the immediacy and the sound of the word. For me, fragrance is always a multilayered process - Bang was the catalyst for how this fragrance came to be. You're drawn to try it, to experience it."