Filmmaker Marc Forster turned down an offer to direct upcoming Bond movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE - until a meeting with Daniel Craig changed his mind.
Forster spoke with Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, who tried to persuade him to take on the project by promising artistic freedom and his own staff.
The director insists he was wary of getting involved in the movie - because he didn't want to be sucked into the Bond movie "machine".
But he changed his mind after a meeting with 007 actor Craig.
He says, "I thought, 'He's really real. There's no bulls**t. I felt like I wanted to work with this guy'. The next thing I knew I was on a plane."
But after taking on the daunting task of directing the action film, Forster was surprised by the lack of preparation.
He adds: "What scared me was that there was no script."