Late rocker Marc Bolan's only son ROLAN has finally been handed some of his father's possessions, 27 years after his death - thanks to his singer friend STEVE HARLEY.

Rolan, 29, never received any of Bolan's multi-million pound fortune because the British T-Rex frontman didn't change his will before he died, aged 29 in a car crash in 1977.

But former COCKNEY REBEL singer Harley has stepped in and passed on some presents Bolan gave him when they were pals in the 1970s - including an original proof of Bolan's poetry collection THE WARLOCK OF LOVE and a copy of the COLLECTED WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE signed by the singer.

Harley says, "Rolan was thrilled, as he hasn't got much of his father's stuff.

"Marc always had a great philosophy. He'd say, 'It's just a book' or, 'It's just a guitar.'

"He knew I was always reading his Collected Works Of Shakespeare when I went round to his place, so one day he brought it round for me. He signed it 'From the Modern Bard'.

"As you can tell, he had a very high opinion of himself."

16/11/2004 13:58