The family of late rocker Marc Bolan have given their blessing to a Scottish musician who completed unfinished songs by the former T-REX singer. Bolan's son, Rolan has congratulated rocker Alex 'Midge' Peebles for turning unfinished 39 pieces of the glam rock band's music into 15 songs. The Hot Love vocalist spent six months working on the tracks, and were created to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the T-Rex frontman's death in September 1977 Rolan says, "Since my return to Britain in 1997, my father's legacy has been a strange mystery to me, even though I did have the chance to be surrounded by his music. "There is so much which is yet to reach our souls. This project is one of those special gems." The Hot Love tracks will feature on forthcoming album 21st Century Stance.