Marc Bannerman is not going to be there to greet his jungle companion Cerys Matthews when she exits the camp.

Despite writing her a love letter over the weekend in which he said he would fly to Australia to see the singer evicted, the ex-EASTENDERS star has denied ITV's offer to fly him back.

Speaking to the Sun, an ITV insider said: "He doesn’t want to do it - despite what he promised Cerys. It’s going to break her heart as she’s been so looking forward to seeing him again.

"And it’s a real shame for the viewers because they will have wanted to see the emotional reunion."

According to ITV the actor will record a video message to be played when Cerys is evicted.

Meanwhile, the I'm a celebrity camp was thrown into turmoil when a lethal black funnel web spider was found under Janice Dickinson's bed.

28/11/2007 10:43:37