Marc Bannerman has revealed he that he is in love with two people: long-term girlfriend SARAH MATRAVERS and fellow camper CERY MATTHEWS.

Last night the ex-EASTENDERS star was shown on behind the scenes footage of I'm a celebrity saying "I’m in love with two people… I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ll probably end up on my own."

Speaking to ITV, the axed celebrity spoke of his "regret" over hurting his girlfriend of two and a half years but added "I don't regret anything else".

Marc also expressed his hope that he would be able "to support Cerys" on her eviction.

According to the Sun, Marc is in talks with ITV to let him terminate his contract and return to London to see his girlfriend before the end of the show.

Last night APPRENTICE star Katie Hopkins became the second celebrity to leave the jungle.

In her interview with Ant and Dec, the latecomer admitted that the jungle was "tough".

23/11/2007 09:25:11