Marc Bannerman and Cerys Matthews have said their relationship is going well since I'm a celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! ended.

The former Eastenders actor and ex-Catatonia singer struck up a romance in the Australian jungle during the ITV1 reality show to the dismay of Bannerman's long-term girlfriend, Footballers' Wives actress Sarah Matravers.

Matravers flew to Australia to visit Bannerman, only to return to the UK distraught after witnessing her boyfriend's onscreen behaviour.

And Bannerman later admitted to feeling extremely guilty for his antics in the Australian jungle, saying: "I just developed feelings for someone in there and I've got a missus at home, I'm a rat."

But speaking on Al Murray's TV chat show, Bannerman has now defended his romance with Matthews, saying: "I couldn't care less what anyone thinks.

"I fell in love with someone and that is that."

He added: "I know I hurt someone back in England but what can you do? Life goes on and I hope she is all right."

The 34-year-old actor was held by police last month following a scuffle with photographers in Pembrokeshire, after the paparazzi blocked Bannerman and Matthews' car into a car park as they attempted to leave a Triffin pub.

10/01/2008 12:07:27