Marc Bannerman has become the first contestant to be evicted from the jungle in this year's I'm a celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

The former EastEnder lasted twelve days in the Australian jungle but admitted he may be in "big trouble" with his girlfriend over his flirting with ex-Catatonia lead singer Cerys Matthews.

Bannerman's partner of two years, Footballers Wives actress Sarah Matravers, had travelled to Oz for a pre-arranged meeting, but flew back to England less than 48 hours after her arrival.

Greeted with a glass of champagne by presenters Ant and Dec after his eviction, Bannerman said: "I'm alright, but it was a bit of a shock. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and setting up relationships in there."

When asked the obvious question about his relationship with Cerys, he replied: "Nothing happened between us but it is really difficult not to crave a little bit of love."

He added: "We really had a good time together. It's a really strange scenario to meet someone that you really gel with. I didn't expect that to happen at all. I just connected with her on a very deep level."

Before her anguished departure, Bannerman's girlfriend had said: "It was pretty hard in London, but it's harder here. It's been extremely painful to watch the man I love disrespecting me and our two-year relationship in front of the nation for someone he's known for a week.

"It was planned from the start that I was going to come out and I was really looking forward to it, but getting here and being here is a lot harder than I imagined."

She added: "I'd love to be able to forgive him but I'm so confused at the moment, I'm shell-shocked to be honest, so I've got to get home. I have got so much to say to him, but really that has to happen behind closed doors."

Though nothing of note happened between Marc and Cerys, the signs of their brewing attraction to each other were clear for the whole camp to see.

And in a late night chat by the creek, the singer confessed their relationship had left her "chest hurting".

While Marc failed to understand the reference at first, he soon realised what Cerys was alluding to (her heart) and commented: "Oh. I've got to be so careful.

"If I hurt anybody it would be awful," he added. "It's not me, do you know what I mean? It would be the worst thing I could do."

After being told that Matravers had already left Australia, Bannerman told Ant and Dec: "I want to go back to London right now... I think I've embarrassed myself and I've got to live with that now."

22/11/2007 11:56:33