Latino singer/actor Marc Anthony perfected sleeping on the set of his new film El Cantante - so he'd always look drowsy for drug-taking scenes. The star plays salsa legend Hector Lavoe opposite his real-life wife Jennifer Lopez in the biopic and initially struggled to come to terms with playing a renowned junkie. Then he just fell asleep on the set one day and woke up naturally dozy. He explains, "I realised you just have to be really tired. I learned that you should try to take a nap and then they wake you up for the 'action' part and you're automatically edgy. "I didn't follow any junkies around or any addicts or anything like that." Anthony admits the acting came from trying to pretend he was enjoying drug-taking sessions in the film. He adds, "Snorting that stuff was nasty. It was milk powder with sugar and that's when the acting came in because it's like snorting pepper, you're natural reaction is to expel it. "To act like that's not going on in your face and yeah I'm enjoying this, was one of the hardest things to do. If you added water I would've been a science experiment."