British pop star Marc Almond was coaxed out of his self-imposed songwriting retirement after producer Chris Braide sent him three tracks that made him break out in goose pimples.

The former Soft Cell singer vowed not to put out any more original music following the release of his 2010 album Variete, but Braide was determined to change his mind.

He emailed Almond with three instrumental tracks he had been working on, and Almond admits he was so impressed with the quality of the music that he abandoned his planned retirement and set about writing lyrics for the songs.

Almond says, "I felt the songwriting muse had left me, possibly forever. Then an email arrived with three instrumental tracks. I got goose bumps. I was blown away. Chris had an understanding of the chord changes I adored, of the sounds I loved; songs in minor keys with big dark dramatic pianos and strings. I sat down to write, both excited and inspired."

Braide, who has worked as a producer for stars including Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Hudson, adds, "I simply had to get in touch to try and tempt him to do the exact opposite (of retiring from songwriting). It was such an absurd idea to think there would be no more new Marc Almond original songs. This is the man who wrote Say Hello, Wave Goodbye and we need more of those passionate, unique and original songs. Just like Bowie and Bolan before him, he's a true original."

The Velvet Trail is due for release in March (15).

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