LATEST: Former SOFT CELL singer Marc Almond has praised the motorbike crash that nearly killed him last month (17OCT04) because it was a "humbling and truly life-changing experience".

The TAINTED LOVE star sustained serious head injuries when the bike he was riding pillion on collided with a car near the city's St Paul's Cathedral, but he's making a remarkable recovery and is determined to "live life to the full" when he completes his intensive physiotherapy sessions at the Royal London Hospital.

Almond says, "The accident was a humbling and truly life-changing experience. Without going into the gorier aspects of the accident, I have pieced it together from friends and witnesses, though much of it remains a blank for me.

"I hope the darker days of my ordeal are behind me so I can live life to the full."

24/11/2004 02:27