Eighties pop star Marc Almond was left red-faced after heading to see hippy icon Donovan and turning up at a classical concert instead.
The Tainted Love hitmaker is a big fan of the Mellow Yellow singer and bought a ticket to see him at London's Royal Albert Hall last month (Jun11).
When he arrived he was stunned to see an audience full of elderly couples in smart evening wear - and realised he'd missed the gig by a day after mixing up his dates.
The Soft Cell frontman tells Mojo magazine, "(I had) a recent senior moment. I'm a big Donovan fan and when I saw he was performing Sunshine Superman at the Albert Hall I bought a ticket. On the day, I played the album, got a bit hippied up and went along.
"Wondered why all Donovan's fans all looked so old and suited and why there were so many music stands on-stage. Gradually dawned on me something was wrong, checked my ticket... it was the previous night. Edged my way out feeling and looking a f**king idiot."