The Mrs. Doubtfire star has teamed up with organisers at Project UROK, a foundation that helps teenagers with mental illnesses and in a new public service announcement, Wilson details her experiences with mental health issues, revealing she suffers from anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.

She says, "I wish somebody had told me that it's OK to be anxious, that you don't have to fight it, that in fact fighting it makes it worse. That pushing it away is really what it is - it's the fear of fear.

"It's OK to be depressed. Not that it's OK, but it's not a romantic thing. You don't have to be depressed. You don't have to suffer with it, you can get help, you can reach out. Also, sort of on the flip side of that - being anxious and fighting that anxiety is just going to make it worse. I wish that I had fought my depression and not fought my anxiety as much. When you face anxiety, when you realise what it is, when you understand that it's just this false alarm in your body, then you can work with it, then you can overcome it..."

Wilson was among the first celebrities to pay tribute to her Mrs. Doubtfire co-star Robin Williams, who was dealing with depression issues at the time of his death last year (14).