Mrs. Doubtfire star Mara Wilson is adamant studio bosses are wrong to make a sequel to the hit 1993 movie.

Robin Williams is reportedly set to reprise his role as a cross-dressing nanny for a follow-up, 21 years after the original pulled in $441 million (£277 million) at the global box office.

Director Chris Columbus is also slated to return behind the camera, but Wilson, who scored her breakout role aged five in the movie, insists fans don't need to return to the tale.

In posts on, she writes, "Sequels generally suck unless they were planned as part of a trilogy or series. I think Doubtfire ended where it needed to end.

"There are many, many reasons I don't want to be in Mrs. Doubtfire 2. But they haven't even asked me (yet), so no need to worry."