Manowar star JOEY DEMAIO is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from an agent who alleges she was menaced by the bassist's bodyguard during a business meeting.
Yasha Young, who represents snapper Annie Bertram, claims she travelled to Hanover, Germany in January (10) to meet executives at Magic Circle Films - a music management company run by the rocker - to discuss a recent photoshoot.
But she alleges the business deal turned ugly when she was taken to a "seedy, out-of-the-way hotel" by DeMaio's "bodyguard" and told she needed to hand over $25,000 (£16,667) after pictures of the band were allegedly posted on the website of a make-up artist, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
The papers, filed at New York Supreme Court, claim Young was threatened with legal action if she failed to pay up. She was "terrified by the threat of a meritless lawsuit" and "ran out of the hotel room, terrified that she would be physically or economically harmed."
The lawsuit is seeking more than $5 million (£3.3 million) in damages.