Manolo Blahnik makes up stories when he creates his shoes.

The footwear designer - whose creations have been worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and the late Princess Diana - enjoys coming up with characters and tales during the creative process as it gives him inspiration.

Talking about Manolo being in the factory, his niece Kristina Blahnik said: "He sings to himself.

"I have always thought Manolo's shoes have a lot of character; but then when I went to the factory for the first time and saw them, I realised that Manolo will actually tell a story to himself about a particular shoe when he is cutting the pattern. He will imagine who it will be worn by."

Manolo says he gets excited by his creations and was thrilled when he collaborated with London store Liberty because it has so much history.

He told The Independent newspaper: "I just go crazy. It excites me when I do something I like.

"It was so exciting when I went through the Liberty archives. They do have England there, compressed into an archive. Some of the fabrics are almost modernistic, and it's 19th century. One looks 1960s but it isn't. I could faint!"