Manolo Blahnik believes his shoes stop divorces.

The legendary designer - whose creations have been worn by the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss - says his footwear have saved couples from marital problems because men love seeing their partners in high heels.

He said: "The male reaction to heels is half normal and half perversion, but some men tell me I've saved their marriage. The first thing men look at are a woman's legs, and there is nothing more flattering than high heels."

Despite his shoes being popular with lots of stars, Manolo insists the world of celebrity doesn't interest him.

He said: "It's not the vulgarity of it - vulgarity's ok and bad taste is ok too, sometimes - although when all those football people buy your shoes...Really I'm not interested in all that.

"Princess Diana was special. She wore my shoes with such grace and had a luminosity I've only seen matched by Julie Christie. Maybe Kate Moss has something of that too, now, because she's funny as well as being beautiful, but really the whole celebrity phenomenon is only of importance because it makes you money."