Manolo Blahnik considers himself a ''doodler'' rather than a designer.

The 74-year-old creative mastermind - who launched his eponymous designer label in the late 1970s - has admitted his ''first job'' when he was younger was simply to draw, and he hasn't stopped sketching new designs ever since.

Speaking to about his career, the mogul said: ''I'm a doodler. It was my first job as a boy, and I still do it. At night I keep a block of paper and a pencil with a huge piece of string next to me. When I have an idea, I grab the string and just doodle.''

And the businessman - who has recently worked with Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna - underestimates his ability as a designer, because he thinks his creations are simply ''okay''.

Asked about his thoughts on his products, he said: ''I think I make shoes quite okay.''

Although Manolo has been in the fashion business for almost 50 years, he didn't realised he was a successful designer until he started noticing celebrities wearing his footwear.

He explained: ''When I saw my shoes on somebody I love very much, Jerry Hall. She was wearing them - and I didn't even know her - but I stopped the car, ran out, kissed her, and said, 'My God! It's incredible seeing you.' My mother was with me and was embarrassed.''

Manolo has revealed he has kept hold of sentimental items including objects his late mother gave him. As well as the first suit he ever made, even though he thinks it is ''disgusting.

Asked about his favourite possessions, he said: ''My first suit that I made - acid green. It was disgusting, but I love it. It's been mended a million times, but I still wear it.

''The things my mother gave me, because she's not here any longer. I used to be blond, and when I was young, she gave me a little lock of my hair and said, 'You're white now, and someday you'll be white again, too.' I love that thing.''