Manolo Blahnik ''adores'' Rihanna.

The 75-year-old fashion designer has teamed up with the 'work' hitmaker to launch an array of footwear collections under his eponymous label, and though the mogul enjoyed working with the 29-year-old singer he has insisted he has created his ''last collection'' with her because he is ''tired''.

Speaking about the artist, the creative mastermind said: ''I adore her movement. Her every movement encapsulates all her Bayan culture and that's what captivated me about her. That and her beautiful eyes. But you know, I can't work with everybody. We've done the last collection now and I said to her, 'Goodbye my dear darling. That's it. I'm tired.' For the time being, it's over. I can't cope with it all. I'm not a spring baby anymore.''

And not only is Manolo ''tired'' he also struggles to relax and is ''very nervous''.

He added: ''I'm very impatient and I'm not relaxed at all. In fact, I'm very nervous. I always have been and I always will.''

Meanwhile, the businessman who is known for his exquisite and luxury footwear, has admitted it ''upsets'' him when he sees a copy of his designs that is ''too similar'' to his original version, although he believes the fake designs can ''never replicate the quality'' of his releases.

Speaking about fake Manolo Blahnik shoes to, he said: ''I don't care anymore. Sometimes it's complimentary, but when they're too similar that upsets me. Two years ago, a woman came up to me in Milan and said, 'Do you like my Manolos?' I said, 'Well yes I do but these are not Manolos. These are a rip-off.' She took the shoe off and it turned out that they really were authentic Manolos. That's how similar copies have become - sometimes I can't tell the difference. Also, they can never replicate the quality.''