Manic Street Preachers rocker Nicky Wire has curbed his wild ways and quit drinking after suffering health problems with his liver and stomach.
The British bassist gave up booze six months ago after he experienced gastro-intestinal issues and "something to do with my liver".
And he now sympathises with his teetotal bandmate James Dean Bradfield - because a sober life is a "boring" round of shopping trips and early nights.
Wire tells Q magazine, "Seems unfair, but there we are... (It's) really f**king boring not drinking. You could see James tonight with this massive sadness in his heart. You could see him thinking, 'I'd have been in absolute heaven if this had been 10 years ago. Drinking myself to oblivion!'
"Everything was adding up to a cocktail of joy and then... Off to bed. Shopping. That's about all we've got left now."