Manic Street Preachers star Nicky Wire has dismissed speculation the band is planning to split, insisting their upcoming hiatus will help them discover a new sound.
The Welsh group is launching a greatest hits package later this month (Oct11) and performing all 38 singles released since 1991 at a special show in London at Christmas (11).
Wire previously revealed the rockers are preparing to take at least two years out of the spotlight and fans began to worry about the group's future.
But Wire insists the band will be back with a more "indulgent" sound in the future.
Wire tells Bbc Radio 4's Front Row show, "This (album) is drawing a line in the sand, really. When we come back it will be the final phase of us as a band and it has to be in a different form.
"We can't pretend a band in their 40s making guitar rock can have huge hit singles, because it just doesn't happen any more unless you totally sell out every single bit of your life. (It will be) something that is more indulgent I guess."
Wire is determined that when the rockers do make their comeback, they will continue to release CDs of their material, rather than selling records solely online.
He adds, "I think I'd rather just sell CDs from our studio in Cardiff at the door. Just ask people to queue up and hand over a tenner or fiver. The kind of virtual anarchy that exists online - it's just not in our Dna. It's not relevant to us and by trying too hard to embrace it, I think demeans you a bit. It's fine for a generation who literally think music is for free."