Manic Street Preachers rocker Nicky Wire has slammed Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand for becoming famous too quickly. Wire is disgusted at the money and attention given to newer bands, accusing recording companies of allowing them to peak too soon. And he insists older acts such as Blur and Radiohead are examples of bands that only released their best material on their third or fourth albums. Wire says, "I don't know if that's happening at the moment really - the Arctic Monkeys Syndrome or Franz Ferdinand... it's kind of 's**t or best'. "I don't even know if (Manic Street Preachers album) HOLY BIBLE would get released today because, you know, by that time we were maybe on the verge of being dropped. "We weren't exactly selling as many records as we thought we would. And these days if your first album does not do it, well... "I think in our generation of Blur and Radiohead, really our great records were our third or fourth albums, but I don't even know if they could be made today because I don't think bands get the chance to develop."