Manic Street Preachers will keep performing until they are in ''wheelchairs''.

The Welsh trio - who formed in 1989 - don't think any younger bands have emerged who can ''replace'' them so they can't ever see themselves retiring.

Bassist Nicky Wire said: ''I think the reason we're still around is because there's never been anyone to f***ing replace us - no one to make us extinct...

''I think it's full-on, blasting rock 'n' roll from now on, until we literally have wheelchairs.''

The 'Motorcycle Emptiness' group - who release new album 'Futurology' on July 7 - also admitted they occasionally felt ''awkward'' when promoting last year's largely-acoustic 'Rewind the Film'.

Frontman James Dean Bradfield said: ''It pushed us to be delicate and intimate and earnest and all those things we'd never really been.

''It didn't come naturally, it was really awkward at times.''

The band - which also includes drummer Sean Moore - say that, with 'Let's Go To War', one of the tracks on 'Futurology', they wanted to create another ''f***ing angry'' song.

Nicky told NME magazine: '''Let's Go To War' has implications of the crisis of the working classes in it, but it's also referencing us as a band. Let's have one last f***ing angry song, like 'The Masses Against the Classes' or 'You Love Us' that references our own desire to lay waste.''