Welsh rockers Manic Street Preachers brought in guest vocalists to collaborate on their latest album as frontman James Dean Bradfield was convinced his voice wasn't good enough for the new songs.

The trio collaborated with artists including Richard Hawley, Cate Le Bon and Lucy Rose on tracks for Rewind the Film as Bradfield was worried about his vocals.

He tells Britain's NME magazine, "I've got a sneaking feeling that I've been singing our songs for so long it's hard to find something new as a vocalist. It's easier as a drummer or a bassist to find a different direction, but if you try to change the sound of your voice, you end up sounding like a d**k.

"And I felt my voice, at this point, was underselling some of the songs. There's no point in having an ego about it. I don't care if someone else is going to sing (the songs). I've had enough props and glory."