The sister of vanished Manic Street Preachers rocker Richey Edwards is backing a change in the U.K. law to allow families of missing persons to access their finances.
A new report recommends a single certificate declaring someone "presumed dead" should be brought in to help relatives resolve all the affairs of a missing person.
Edwards' younger sister Rachel Elias has applauded the move, and opened up about the battle she and her family faced when the guitarist disappeared from London in 1995, before being legally declared dead in 2008.
She tells the Bbc, "As the years dragged on and there was no sign of him either way, we had to face the decision of dealing with his financial affairs...
"We found it difficult because as well as dealing with the emotional impact of someone missing on a day to day basis, we then had to face this very unclear and confusing process as to how to go about obtaining a court order to declare someone dead.
"When any family member goes missing, in the immediate term you still have to sort out issues such as mortgage payments, accessing banks, and that's why the guardianship order has been proposed alongside the presumption of death so that in the interim, whilst you may not want to go to court... at the beginning to resolve a person's affairs, you can in turn now have a guardianship order where you can oversee the person's affairs in a correct way."