Mandy Moore forgot about her family reading her comments when she publicly admitted she wanted to have sex in every room in her new house.

The 'This Is Us' actress shocked her loved ones in a recent chat with Cosmopolitan magazine in which she admitted she and her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith wanted to christen every part of their recently bought marital home.

It was only after her words were published that Mandy remembered that her parents, Donald and Stacy, would probably read the article.

Addressing her racy comments on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Thursday (01.03.18), she laughed: ''[I said that] completely forgetting the fact that it is a, you know, publication that my parents are probably going to read because I'm in the cover of, and ... I mean, it's Cosmo, so for the ladies out there, you know that it's a little risqué, and they ask about, you know, your personal life ... And you get into, like, a really easy conversation with a journalist ... And I said that I wanna make love in every room in my home.''

Elsewhere on the chat show, Mandy opened up about how she struggles to cry on cue when she's on the set of NBC comedy drama 'This Is Us'.

She said: ''I can't sit here and cry, right now, just off-the-cuff ... I cannot do that, so I have to sort of mentally, like, wake up that morning and mentally prepare myself that I'm gonna have to cry, and my trick is I will pick a song at random that's sort of sad, that like evokes some sort of emotion in me, and I will listen to it incessantly.''

This led to Ellen, 60, suggesting to Mandy, 33, that she tried to cry whilst playing board game 'Speak Out' - which requires players to wear a mouthpiece which affects their speech.

Mandy uttered the phrase, ''The donkey bucked my mom'', but it didn't take much for the presenter to put a rude spin on it.

Ellen quipped: ''The donkey did what to your mom? That's terrible, no wonder you're upset!''