Mandy Moore is desperate to shed her image as a "throwaway" pop star - and insists she hates the music she made as a youngster. The 22-year-old star, who is set to release self-penned album WILD HOPE later this year (07), made her name with pop hit CANDY in 1999, but Moore is adamant she has moved on from her teenage songstress days, and is now happy to concentrate on her fledgling film career. She says, "Not to sound bad, but I don't necessarily have to make a record. No one's out there desperately waiting for my next album. "I have so much fun doing film stuff, and I feel really fulfilled creatively doing that right now. "So I have to do the music my way. It means too much to me. I can't just go into the studio and make a crappy pop record to please somebody else. Why bother?"