Mandy Moore is working on her album without any ''pressure''.

The 34-year-old actress and singer recently teased she was back in the studio but she now insists she is a long way off from releasing anything just yet.

She said: ''I mean, I haven't really started making it - this is the very, very beginning. I put it on Instagram because I felt like I had to make a declaration that I'm ready. People ask about it all the time - 'When are you going to make another album?' And I sort of had to get to the point within myself, after much internal debate and conversation, figuring out how I wanted to move forward.

''I'm writing every day, but I'm trying to do it with no pressure. Maybe just a song or an EP will get released. The [acting] part of my job is weird, because you have to wait for permission to do everything. For an album, I don't need permission from anyone but myself. I just need to say, 'Let's go, Mandy.'''

And the 'This Is Us' star wants her new music to feel ''organic and modern''.

She added to Elle magazine: ''I still feel like I grew up in the wrong decade, you know? I listen to the same stuff I've listened to for years - the Joni [Mitchell] catalog has such a strong presence in my life. So right now, I don't know what my album is going to sound like. I want to feel organic and modern, with a live band. I'd like to keep it small ... I don't think I'm going back to any pop star moments.''