Mandy Moore never wanted a ''big'' engagement ring.

The 'This Is Us' star was thrilled when her fiancé Taylor Goldsmith got down on one knee last year but she was adamant she wanted quite an understated piece of jewellery.

She said: ''I've never been someone who wears a lot of jewellery. When my boyfriend and I started talking about getting engaged last year, I told him I didn't want a big ring. I figured we could just pick out some pretty bands together. So you can imagine how surprised I was when he proposed with this beautiful ring in the fall!''

The 33-year-old actress was caught ''completely caught off guard'' when she was presented with the beautiful ring by Taylor.

She added: ''I was completely caught off guard. Even though I thought I didn't want an engagement ring, as soon as I saw this one, I couldn't imagine the moment without it. Taylor went to one of my favourite jewelers, Irene Neuwirth, and picked out every detail that he thought I'd like, from the round, faceted stone to the rose gold band. It is so me.''

When it comes to her dress for the big day, Mandy is keen to steer away from the traditional white gown.

She told the April issue of InStyle magazine: ''I've never been the girl that wanted to wear a white dress. No judgement, but it's not for me.''

Meanwhile, Mandy previously confessed she wants to get married ''soon''.

She said: ''It'll happen sooner rather than later. I'm not in any rush, but also I'm like, 'I wanna do it'. I don't need to wait, I don't need to have a long engagement. I'm not planning some giant, lavish affair. So, I might as well just do it.''